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Our high-converting gamification concept help you dramatically boost conversions and get more email subscribers.

Are you looking to attract, engage or retain your employees or customers with a playful solution?
MikeHit Onsite Campaign solution helps you display targeted website messages to your existing newsletter subscribers, customers, and returning visitors.

Find out how to gamify your website to enhance your customer experience and entice them to keep coming back.

  • Easy Integration to any website

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WORLD’S TOP 2 000 companies have already embraced gamification.

Gamification is an effective approach in marketing not only to capture user’s attention and increase their average session duration but also to improve the conversion rate.

The more people are interested, the higher the chances that they will buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter.

Gamified marketing can optimize the user experience and the conversion funnel at the same time on your website.


    Offers a diverse range of services for your successful business. New games coming monthly;

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58.99 /mo
Web Games: 1
Monthly Games: 500
Outgoing Emails: 1 000
Email Campaigns: 10
Admin Access: 1
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88.99 /mo
Web Games: 3
Monthly Games: 2 500
Outgoing Emails: 5 000
Email Campaigns: 30
Admin Access: 1
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128.99 /mo
Web Games: 6
Monthly Games: 7 500
Outgoing Emails: 15 000
Email Campaigns: 60
Admin Access: 1
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